What We Do

Auto Body & Fleet Repair

Walker’s Auto Body & Fleet Repair specializes in Fleet style vehicles and Fleet Passenger Cars, keeping your fleet looking good and working properly is our number one priority, we understand that returning your vehicles back to the road is important and we work to do this in a timely matter.

Cost control for municipalities

We work on cost control for municipalities (cities and counties) and service companies. In a difficult economy, we can help put your fleet vehicle back on the road with minor repairs such as headlamps, bumpers, glass repairs when appropriate, to keep costs down. We can be proactive and add service years to the life of your fleet.

Assist with your insurance claim

We can also assist with your insurance claim and adjusters to make sure the repair cost will be covered in case of an accident. You are our customer and we will work to earn your trust and confidence to bring your fleet vehicle back to the road because we know how important it is to your business success. We know that a fleet that looks good on the road says as much about itself as costly advertising.